Inkonjane FM

The Inkonjane Community Radio presently based  in Flagstaff  with a coverage  comprising of Ntabankulu , Flagstaff, Lusikisiki, Mbizana and Port St John’s  is the merger  of the AmaMpondo  enthusiastic  wish to have  a community radio . The enthusiasm gave birth to Wild Coast and Ingqungqushe community radios both of which merged after a long process of negotiations and deliberations. The Independent Communications Authority of Southern Africa (ICASA) assisted the process of negotiations and consequently the Inkonjane FM was born on the 7th July 2006. Prominent founder members were Chief Advocate Mwelo Nonkonyana, the late Dr. Sam Mcetywa and many distinguished figures in the community. It was on the 24th of October 2008    that a child – Inkonjane FM was licensed and licence issued by ICASA. Such licensing was done after proper agreements were finalised between parties. As is generally known, the licensing opened way for the roll-out of the broadcasting equipment which was done by the Department of Communications and Sound Fusion. Worth mentioning is the fact that the path to the success of Inkonjane FM was characterised by a series of controversial events most of which nearly aborted the noble objectives founders had of its need to be established. However the burning desire to service the AmaMpondo in the language they understand and the intervention by ICASA and other stakeholders contributed positively to misunderstandings being buried hence the vibrant community radio Inkonjane FM has grown to be today. The Inkonjane FM went on air on the 20th April 2009 at its present base which is at Langa Senior School in Flagstaff. 

Inkonjane Community Radio Station – Sixoxa Sonke!


The Inkonjane FM has to date honoured conditions of the licence and complied with both international and national telecommunications provisions as they apply to the Republic of South Africa. Compliance in language and programmes content as is strictly adhered by the station has strengthened relations with ICASA to the moment. Inkonjane FM is registered as Non-Profit Organization. 


Our Objectives

  • Primarily the main objective of establishing the  community radio in the  area which is deep rural   was and still is to bring  information on government  services, local  events  and other  educative, informative and entertaining  local events . 
  • To promote the existence and effectiveness of businesses in the area while also promoting the culture and local dialect. 
  • The main objective is also to expose the wealth of the coverage area in tourism, culture and unswerving courtesy of the people of the area. 
  • As previous disadvantaged area it is the objective of the station to bring closer to the people of the area the globe and its daily changes. Such objective is made a dream come true by news coverage mostly of local, provincial and national news. 
  • The station aims to be the light in the dark tunnel for the community it serves.

Our Target Market

As a community based station the Inkonjane FM caters for all age groups within its area of coverage. This is achievable through its programmes which are modelled in accordance with needs of each group. The station’s programmes are so much appealing with current affairs and Ezidlumzi programmes being the talk of every household. It is no surprising that the station has   swelled ranks in ratings with 102 000 listeners. The station has disadvantaged, disabled, youth, religious and women programmes which makes it unique with isiMpondo DIALECT being the station’s main attraction for listeners.

Our Vision

 It is within the vision perimeters of the Inkonjane FM to do all its best to provide informative, educative , entertaining and responsive balanced content that responds  to the uplifting of all its stakeholders within the coverage area and beyond .


Our Misssion

The Inkonjane FM has a mission of being a progressive heart and soul of the AmaMpondo for community development and inspiration.

Our Coverage

The Inkonjane FM found on 100.5 covers as mentioned earlier , Ntabankulu, Port St John’s , Flagstaff, Mbizana and Lusikisiki with spillages widening to areas like Ngqeleni, Libode, Umtata, Tsolo, Qumbu, Mt Frere, Mt Ayliff, Matatiele and Mt Fletcher and parts of southern KwaZulu-Natal, Harding, Mzimkhulu, Port Shepstone and Izingolweni. Parts of Alfred Nzo region is also covered by the Inkonjane FM and receives a large number of listenership. Though operating in the O.R. Tambo region and despite encroaching to most of Alfred Nzo Region, the station has two of its coverage towns recently demarcated to Alfred Nzo Region and that is, Ntabankulu and Mbizana with a listenership of 120 000 According to the latest BRC Rams and is currently ranked at No 2 in the province. nt and inspiration.